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  • How To Manage Car Maintenance & Save Money

    All could be going well in your life, then out of nowhere, your car decides to start making a funny noise. Taking a look under the hood of your vehicle can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you are not knowledgeable about cars and frankly if you aren’t a handyman or handywoman. Here are ways to manage your vehicle and take control of its repairs while without breaking the bank. Patrick Get Familiar With Maintenance Guidelines Depending on whether you are willing to purchase a used vehicle or rather buy a brand new one, you can likely predict most maintenance…

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  • 30 WWE Wrestlers With Champion Rides

    Though it might not be quite the sensation as it was in the 90s, it’s safe to say that professional wrestling isn’t going anywhere. The WWE is especially known for rocketing otherwise unknown fighters to the heights of stardom and riches. It’s no wonder that these pro entertainers love to spend their cash on all the luxuries of fame – and that includes impressive new or classic cars. Check out our faves below! Noon Plastic via Wikicommons 30. Seth Rollins’ Lamborghini This Grand Slam Champion revealed his black beauty just a few years ago. Other Lambos have sold for nearly…

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  • 40 Rare Cars Still On The Road Today

    The automotive industry is constantly churning out new models to entice buyers. Some of those become instant classics, renewing themselves each year with an updated design. But some are just a flash in the pan, produced in limited numbers and destined to become highly sought-after rarities—even if they weren’t that popular in their time.  Here are the short-lived concept cars that you’ll occasionally see driving around today. Alfa164 via Wikicommons 40. Toyota RAV4 EV The Toyota RAV4 EV was only available in California, made to meet the state’s zero-emissions regulatory structure. Part of the reason it never caught on past…

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  • The Best Road Trip Trucks

    Is there anything more liberating than the open road? With a full gas tank and a bag of snacks, it feels like there’s nowhere you can’t go. Of course, it’s even more fun if you choose one of the best road trip trucks available. Reliable, comfortable, and spacious — ready for adventure. So which one should you choose? That depends on your priorities, but with the 5 trucks on this list, you really can’t go wrong. Let’s burn some rubber and take a look at the road trip trucks that leave all others in the dust. 5. Chevrolet Silverado Length:…

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  • Car Maintenance Tips To Remember

    It’s imperative to keep your car in tip-top shape, whether you drive it every day or only on occasion. Looking after your vehicle helps determine the longevity using it to get you from point a to b, as well as ensures the safety of the passengers that join you on your journeys. Here are a few key tips for maintaining one of your most prized possessions. Zac Ong Regularly Check Your Car Fluids Most remember to check and change their car oil but there are a few other important car fluids that should also remain up-to-date to ensure that your…

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  • Top 5 most expensive yachts in the world – Nufooz

    We present you the list of the five most expensive yachts in the world. In the future this list may change as excellence, as well as the cost, there is no limit. Undoubtedly, new, more expensive yachts will be issued. 5. Luxury yacht Rising Sun Larry Ellison and David Geffen jointly own this yacht; its cost is 200 million dollars. The boat of 453 feet in length contains a basketball court, helicopter landing pad, a cinema, a wine cellar, 5 storeys with 82 rooms, and space for a private submarine. 4. Lady Moura Boat number 4 can also be found…

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